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Hand holding a uno cards that have print and braille

Games for our Students with Visual Impairments

There are many wonderful games that we can play that are appropriate for our students with visual impairments or who are blind. Some games come ready to play and others need some adaptations to make them usable for all to enjoy.
The Braille Alphabet screen shot of the video with title and rainbow/sky behind it.

TVI Creates Braille Videos with Jack Hartmann

Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Jessica Hayes collaborates with popular children's song writer, Jack Hartmann to create videos that teach and raise awareness of braille. His videos are very popular in classrooms and Jessica really had a great idea.
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Assessing A Learner's Reading and Writing Knowledge Assessment Tool

Assess UEB literary braille signs, including punctuation indicators with this story titled "Track Meet Day." I wrote it as another tool in my braille toolbox for assessing a learner's reading and writing knowledge of literary braille signs.
Space alien head with a helmet on a planet

Educational App: CosmoBally on Sonoplanet

‘CosmoBally on Sonoplanet’, developed by Sonokids Australia. This FREE educational app offers young students, including those who are blind or vision impaired, 4 audio-games to explore sonification concepts.
Seedlings logo with an open book and leaves behind it and under the Seedlings title reads braille books for children

Seedings Braille Books Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Seedlings braille books production facility. Seedlings is dedicated to increasing the opportunity for literacy and education by providing high quality, free, and low cost braille books for children.
Student hand over a CVI adapted fraction page with 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4

Teaching Fractions with Appropriate Materials

These fraction resources provide teachers and families with appropriate learning materials for our students with visual impairments. Whether it is no cost, low cost, or purchased materials, students need access to manipulatives to achieve math goals.
Young girl smiling working with a Beginner’s Abacus with a paraprofessional/braille transcriptionist. She is wearing a print/braille shirt with “Live” in print and “well” in braille visible]

Creating A Resource Page for Paraprofessionals and Support Staff

This TVI prepared individual “Resources Pages” for her students’ team members, including her paraprofessional. This impactful page is full of links that we hope you can use and individualize to meet the needs of your own students and staff.
Cover of The Caterpillar Book with a caterpiller out in the grass

Updating Popular APH Books

American Printing House for the Blind is updating many of its favorite books to include UEB, easier to read fonts, higher contrast colors and images, with a smaller book-like binding
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Creating Boom Cards for Our Students with Visual Impairments

Boom Cards can be an effective tool for creating learning activities for students while meeting their visual needs. This is a great way to get students engaged in learning with an online format from home or school.
3D Flower

Request 3D Printed Education Models

Did you know that you can request 3D-printed education models if you are a teacher of the visually impaired serving students who are blind or deafblind?
Cover of Matching Assistive Technology Features to Low Vision Needs

Matching Assistive Technology Features to Low Vision Needs

PaTTAN created a publication called Matching AT Features to Low Vision Needs. This will assist evaluators in collecting data and recommendations to maximize the use of individual student's functional vision.
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OneStep Reader App (Formerly Known as KNFB Reader App)

The KNFB Reader iOS app makes printed text accessible using text-to-speech and braille output.
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Using the Shadow Puppet Free App to Create Student Portfolios

Ideas on how to use the free app Shadow Puppet as a tool for students who are blind or visually impaired to create their own slideshow and stories
"Roman on CVI" as red bubble words with subtitle: Environmental Adaptations

Environmental Adaptations and CVI

In this video, Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy speaks about how to adapt the environment, the use of maps and O&M (Orientation and Mobility) strategies for students or children with CVI (cortical/cerebral visual impairment).

Project INSPIRE: Increasing the STEM Potential of Individuals Who Read Braille Through Self-Paced Free Courses for Professionals and Materials for Middle School Students

Announcement of free self-paced courses for TVIs, paraprofessionals, families and others working with braille students to practice the use of Nemeth Code within the UEB Context.
Robbie Blaha

Robbie Blaha Discusses Calendar Systems for Children with CHARGE Syndrome

Robbie Blaha presents a video on Calendar Systems for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.
Queensland braille progression and assessment cover sheet

The Queensland Braille Progression and Assessment Tool

The Queensland Statewide Vision Impairment Services team has a braille learning progression and assessment tool that can provide progression in learning stages and document student progress.
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Great Android Apps for Kids with CVI or Low Vision

Great Android Apps for Kids with CVI or Low Vision
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Teaching Tips Tuesday

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Illustration of Santa Claus with bag of wrapped presents on his back

Braille Letters from Santa

Braille letters from Santa Claus can be sent to children in many parts of the English-speaking world this Christmas!