The Queensland Braille Progression and Assessment Tool

Queensland braille progression and assessment cover sheet

The Queensland (Australia) Statewide Vision Impairment Services team has announced the Queensland Braille Learning Progression and Assessment Tool is now available for download at no cost.


A Valuable Resource for Teaching Braille

This is an extensive undertaking and very useful to Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs). Team members, which always include the parents, who have a braille learner can also you this as a guide for developmental steps in braille.  TVIs are often looking for new or updated braille developmental guidelines that are data driven.  Not only is this a good guideline, but it also provides assessment charts for data collection that can be used in accurate assessment of our braille users.


"The QBLP describes the observable indicators of increasing sophistication in the use of braille to access literacy and enable self-reliance. The progression documents general stages of braille-related skill development unique to those who access literacy through touch from emergent to early independent levels of braille proficiency. The assessment tool provides a clear structure for recording student progress over time." By: Christine Casey, Dept. Head of the Braille Advisory Service

student typing on braille machine next to instructor



Queensland Braille Learning Progression and Assessment


Braille Learning Progression

  • Braille Decoding and Fluency Braille Reading
  • Mechanics Concepts of Braille Layout and Navigation
  • Concept Development and Understandings
  • Braille Writing
  • Writing Mechanics and Technology
  • Braille Math's Code
  • Braille Music
  • Tactile Graphicacy
  • Self-Reliance


Queensland Braille Learning Progression Assessment Tool

  • Braille Learning Progression Assessment Guidelines
  • Braille Decoding and Fluency Assessment
  • Braille Reading Mechanics Assessment (Levels 1-11)
  • Concepts of Braille Layout and Navigation Assessment Concept Development and Understandings Assessment
  • Braille Writing Assessment
  • Writing Mechanics and Technology
  • Braille Math's Code Assessment Braille Music Assessment
  • Tactile Graphicacy Assessment
  • Self-Reliance Assessment


For further information please visit: Queensland Statewide Vision Impairment Services.


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