Below are strategies for all content areas.

APH functional vision assessment

Functional Vision Assessments

By Lisha Yochimowitz
No matter what type of form or assessment used for a Functional Vision Assessment, there are key elements that must be present to provide a thorough evaluation of a student with a visual impairment.
Treasure chest sensory bin with fake jewels in sand with scoopers

Sensory Bins

By Lisha Yochimowitz
A mom with three young children, one having a brain based visual impairment (CVI), creates theme based sensory bins for her children to enjoy to promote learning across all domains.
Book Cover of Off to the Park with a picture of a path with a leg walking to the playground swing

Preparing for Dual Media in the Preschool Classroom

By Staci Wills
Using the book: Off to the Park to promote natural inclusion of dual-media literacy materials for out preschool students with visual impairments all while connecting to our outdoor environments.
Easter braille with braille basket design

Braille Designs for Easter!

By Edith West
Create braille designs for Easter!
An O&M instructor shows a boy how to hold a cane

Quick and Easy Communication Cards for Your Use with English Learners

By Liz Wisecarver
Tips to create quick and easy cards for Orientation and Mobility or other lessons for English learners who are blind or visually impaired, including those who are deafblind
Tactile art station

Estación de Arte Táctil

By Kimberly Schildbach
Estación de arte táctil
Cubeta Sensorial

Cubeta Sensorial “Snap, Crackle y Pop”

By Monique Desany
Spanish translation of Snap, Crackle and Pop Sensory Bin
Instrumento de Lluvia

Instrumento de Lluvia Para Niños con Impedimentos Múltiples

By Monique Desany
Spanish translation of rainsticks for children with multiple disabilities
teacher with several students in circle sitting on the floor

Small Group Reading Instruction

By Lisha Yochimowitz
Students in a small reading group can have success in active participation by creating a positive experience with realistic, short-term goals.
piano braille design photo

Piano Braille Design

By Anna Ackley
Drawing in braille: Piano Keyboard C Major Scale that can be adapted to create quarter, half, and whole notes too.
ABC flashcard letters with child hands exploring

Teaching Print Letters

By Lisha Yochimowitz
Lessons on teaching print letters with fun activities and ideas. When introducing letters, children with visual impairments need access and intentional learning opportunities.
Game set up for Connect Four

Modificando el Juego “Connect Four” para Jugadores con Impedimentos Visuales

By Liz Eagan
Modificando el juego “Connect Four” para jugadores con impedimentos visuales (Spanish translation of Adapting Connect Four for Players with Visual Impairments)
Unicorn braille design with watercolors painted on it

Unicorn Braille Design

By Suzy Blackham
This unicorn braille design was created for a student who loves unicorns. Suzy Blackham has shared with us the instructions for others to also enjoy a little unicorn magic.
valentine's day braille collage

Braille Designs for Valentine's Day

By Edith West
These braille designs of hearts are a fun project for Valentine's Day!
The Snow Day book cover with a little boy outside in the snow looking down at his footprints

The Snowy Day Lesson for Pre-K Students

By Lisha Yochimowitz
A lesson on snow, the letter "S", and a snowman sequencing craft, using the book "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats.
Modified Candy Land pieces

Modificando el Juego “Candy Land” para Jugadores Ciegos o Sordociegos

By Liamsmom
Modificando el juego “Candy Land” para jugadores ciegos o sordociegos
A young boy examines a toothbrush

El Libro del Baño de José: Un Libro de Objetos para la Alfabetización Temprana

By Charlotte Cushman
Un libro de objetos para la alfabetización temprana
picture of hamburgers

Creating Independence When Ordering at a Restaurant

By Liz Eagan
This TVI rewards her adult student by going to a restaurant to encourage her using a communication device. This life skill enables the student to order her food using a individualized menu.
A teacher uses a Pen Friend on a story bucket

Creating a Christmas Story Bucket Using Pen Friend

By Kathryn Sedarati
Learn how to create your own story bucket for the holidays using voice output to motivate children.
3 paper Christmas trees

Marble Paint Roll Christmas Fun

By Liz Eagan
Marble paint rolling is a fun arts and crafts project which can be done for any holiday or any time at all!