Assessing A Learner's Reading and Writing Knowledge Assessment Tool

hands over braille

In the past year or two, I’ve written a narrative story incorporating all the UEB braille signs.

The narrative is titled, Track Meet Day. It is comprised of all the UEB literary braille signs and includes the following punctuation indicators: period, question mark, comma, exclamation point, hyphen, apostrophe, quotation marks, dash, ellipsis, and parentheses. It also uses the grade 1 indicator.

The story is written from the perspective of a student attending the annual track meet for visually impaired.

I wrote it as another tool in my braille toolbox for assessing a learner's reading and writing knowledge of literary braille signs.

I am sharing it with others here as well:

First page of Track Meet Day for braille assessment


If you have other braille assessment tools and activities you have created that you would like to share, contact:


Assessing a learner's reading and writing knowledge assessment tool title with a picture of a student typing on a braille machine