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The Bridge School: Cortical Visual Impairment

The Bridge School serves many students with CVI and their website includes ideas for assessment and intervention, especially in relation to communication and AAC devices.
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Intro to Assistive Technology Video

This 5-minute video presents a brief overview of assistive technology for students with disabilities, including a definition, as well as what is included in the term and specific examples.
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Tactile Graph Paper Files

Download your own tactile graph paper files from Duxbury.
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Braille and Audio Classical Guitar Lessons

An interactive curriculum of free braille and audio classical guitar lessons for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Includes links to braille music and audio files.
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Practice2Master Fractions App

This new app from APH is designed to help students who are blind or visually impaired to become proficient in fraction calculations.
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Typio Accessible Typing Tutor

Typio is an accessible typing program designed specifically for students with visual impairments. It has many options for customization, e.g. print size, auditory choices, colors, contrasts.
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READY Tool: Readiness Evaluation of Transition to Adulthood for Deaf-Blind Youth

A free online resource designed to help teams working with children and youth who are deafblind to identify best practices for the transition from school to adult life.
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Summer Homework for Beginning Braille Students

Braille homework practice helps young readers with visual impairments to maintain their skills during summer vacation.
 Drupal Website Accessibility, Part 1: The problem, and why it matters…

Website Accessibility, Part 1: The problem, and why it matters…

"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."
Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE)

Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE)

Overview of the Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE), which is designed to help determine the impact of a potential hearing loss
Musical notation

Experiencing Art Non-Visually

Podcast about how art can be experienced and enjoyed by individuals who are blind or visually impaired
DNA Double Helix 3D model

What I Used Today: 3D Printer & Thingiverse

A TVI shares tips on using 3D printing and Thingiverse to represent concepts in an accessible format for students who are blind or visually impaired.
Gwyn as Harry Potter

Harry Potter Theme-Based Learning

Children with visual impairments and other disabilities benefit from concrete experience and a multi-sensory approach to literacy and learning.
Cover of Peanut of Blind Faith Farm

Peanut of Blind Faith Farm

Peanut of Blind Faith Farm is a true story of a blind lamb who overcomes challenges to become a happy member of her flock. Available in braille.
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YouDescribe Audio Description Tool

Anyone anywhere can describe YouTube videos using YouDescribe
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Assistive Technology for Beginning Braille Readers

This power point presentation offers information about using assistive technology with beginning braille readers.
Cover of Vision After Hemispherectomy, TPO Disconnection, and Occipital Lobectomy

Vision After Hemispherectomy, TPO Disconnection, and Occipital Lobectomy: An Introductory Guide

This guide summarizes the various visual impairments a child will have after hemispherectomy, TPO disconnection, and occipital lobectomy
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What I Used Today: PDF Scanner App by FineScanner

This review of the PDF Scanner App tells how it can be an effective tool for TVIs (teachers of students who are blind or visually impaired)
Jim Allen and Cindy Bachofer present a webinar.

Webinar: Low Vision Solutions for Computer (web-based) Tasks

Explore options for computer access for users with low vision as they continue to increase in the digital age
Screenshot of Using iPads webinar

Using iPads to Increase Access for Students with Low Vision

Explore ways in which the iPad can contribute to the accessibility of information in classrooms for students with low vision, grades 3-12.