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Cover of Mathematics Made Easy

Mathematics Made Easy for Children with Visual Impairment

This 364-page book is full of information and practical strategies for teaching math to students who are blind or visually impaired.

Experience Books: A Tool for Conversation

Web lesson on creating experience books for children who are blind or visually impaired, deafblind, or who have multiple disabilities
A teacher shows a student how to use an abacus

Professional Development Opportunities through NERCVE

Online professional development for teachers of the blind and visually impaired (TVIs)
World Braille Usage

World Braille Usage

Third edition of World Braille Usage attempts to document the current state of braille around the world.
Screenshot of panel from Braille Summit

Proceedings from First-Ever Braille Summit

Video recording from the Braille Summit, held at Perkins School for the Blind June 19-21, 2013.
Screenshot of Magical Box and Playlists

Personalized Education Apps

iPad application that is personalized for each child or adult using it.
Example of tactual book

The Independent Little Bee

Ideas for fun hands-on activities for children who are blind or visually impaired
Mbraille screenshot

MBraille app

MBraille is a free app that brings you a mobile braille keyboard.
PARCC logo

Accommodations for Special Education Students and Common-Core Testing

Policies on accommodations for Common Core State Standards assessments
Department of Education Seal

Guidelines from OSEP on Braille Instruction

Guidelines from OSEP on braille instruction for students who are blind or visually impaired
Cover of Stir It Up

Summer Fun from NBP!

Recipes and cooking techniques for children who are blind or who have a visual impairment. Also ideas for science projects for blind students in second to fifth grade.
Kindle app from Amazon

Using VoiceOver with the Accessible Amazon iOS Kindle App

This article discusses using VoiceOver with the new Kindle app from Amazon
APH logo of early braille trade books

Early Braille Trade Books

Information about a database to select early braille trade books for young braille readers
Braille text

Pre-Braille Assessment

This pre-braille assessment is designed to help teams to determine when students are ready to learn braille.
Students in a film-making class

Making Movies: Rock Center with Brian Williams

Young girl uses a brailler

Braille for My Baby: Six Things You Can Do at Home for Your Young Blind Child

A mother shares tips for helping her young daughter learn braille.
Junior Blind logo and young children using iPad

iExploration: Using an iPad for Vision Stimulation

Research-based findings on the educational benefits of the iPad for young children with multiple disabilities
Characters who are blind or low vision

Children's Literature Featuring Characters Who Are Blind or Who Have Low Vision

A list of children's books featuring characters who are blind or visually impaired
A girl sits in front of a computer keyboard and monitor

Assistive Technology Evaluation

Self-paced online course on assistive technology evaluations of students who are blind or visually impaired
tactile drawing board

Homemade Tactile Drawing Board

Directions on how to make a tactile drawing board for children who are blind or visually impaired