Panopreter Text-to-Speech Software

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Panopreter is a text-to-speech and text-to-mp3 software program with the following features:

  • Reads text aloud with natural sounding voices, and converts the text to audio files in wav, mp3, ogg and flac formats

  • Reads the text selected in any other software window and copied to the Windows clipboard

  • Highlights the word or sentence being read

  • Supports a wide variety of languages and voices

  • Supports batch file conversion

  • Includes a toolbar for Internet Explorer, the toolbar can read the text on the web page, and convert the text to audio files

  • Includes a toolbar for Microsoft Word, the toolbar can read the text on the Word document, and convert the text to audio files

  • Adjusts audio files' sample rate and bit rate to obtain satisfactory audio quality or audio file size

  • Allows users to customize interface layout, font, text size, text color, highlight color, and background color

  • Allows users to adjust voice speed, volume, and pitch

  • Keyboard shortcut keys

  • Speaking repetition

  • Plays music when it finishes reading the text


Screenshot of Panopreter software


The basic version is free, and additional versions are available to purchase.  Details are available on the Panopreter website.

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