Ballyland Code 3 Pick Up: Inclusive Learn-to-Code App for iPad

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Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up is an inclusive app for the iPad from Sonokids, which is designed to teach students to learn to code.

Description from iTunes:

Ballyland Code 3: Pick Up” is a fun, educational app that introduces young students to Coding and Computational thinking on an iPad, including those who are blind or visually impaired. The app is a sequel to two previous Ballyland Code apps and offers a new coding challenge. Challenge 3 again involves a digital game grid with rows and columns, in which this time you need to code Wheelie, the car from Ballyland, to move around and pick up the frog, flower and coin. These three targets will be in a different position for each level of the Challenge. Coding the shortest route to pick them all up will test computational thinking and ‘mental mapping’ skills. A great learn-to-code app for all! Visit the Sonokids website for more information.


  • Easy/Moderate level;
  • Audio Based Coding™: built-in speech, accessible coding interface, audio description, fun and meaningful sound effects, audio and visual (animated) on-screen coding output, mini audio-play;
  • No reading skills required;
  • No need to type code;
  • Unique accessibility for learners who are blind or visually impaired;
  • Finger gestures: Finger drag, Flick left and right with one finger, Flick down and up with one finger, Double tap, Three finger flick left;
  • “Black Curtain” option so everyone plays by ear;
  • Designed with feedback from children, parents and teachers;
  • Option to use Ballyland 3D printable tactile grid, moveable characters and objects for learning support (visit the website);
  • Use at home and school.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Computational thinking and basic Coding concepts and skills, such as breaking problem down in steps, sequencing, using coding commands;
  • Listening, Locating, Memory, ‘Mental Mapping’;
  • Orientation, spatial awareness on touch screen;
  • Navigating rows and columns in a digital grid (important for math!).


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Collage of Ballyland Code 3