French Website on Braille Literacy:

Logo for Abracabra Braille

A new French website devoted to braille literacy and the education of children with visual impairments has been launched and can be visited at:  Using translations of more than 150 articles from Paths to Literacy to get started, their hope is to create a similar type of website for teachers and families in French-speaking countries.

The website includes the following sections:

  • Braille
  • Blog:  Inclusive Teaching Strategies
    • Pre-braille
    • Braille and Literacy
    • Braille and Numeracy
    • Recreation
    • Orientation and Mobility
    • Daily Life
  • Lego Braille Bricks
  • Perkins Braillewriters
  • Adapted Books

The site was created by Marc Angelier, who has been a TVI for 20 years, and Marie Oddoux, who is an OT and Low Vision specialist.  They invite members of the community to share articles in French.

Site dédié à la déficience visuelle et à l’enseignement du braille

Collage of French website for braille literacy