Cerebral Visual Impairment: Free Training Lessons from CVI Scotland

Dr. Gordon Dutton

CVI Scotland offers a series of free online lessons, which are designed to teach people from any background the basics about cerebral visual impairment.  Dr. Gordon Dutton provides short video lectures, followed by simple explanations using many diagrams and images specifically created for this purpose.  The early lessons cover an introduction to the brain, how we learn and an introduction to the different visual areas of the brain.

  • Level 1: The Brain

    • Introduction
    • 1a: The Brain
    • 1b: Occipital Lobes
    • 1c: Posterior Parietal Lobes
    • 1d: Middle Temporal Lobes
    • 1e: Temporal Lobes
    • 1f: Frontal Lobes
    • 1g: Conclusion


  • Level 2: How the Brain Learns

    • ​2a: Introduction
    • 2b: Experience
    • 2c: Experience - Perceivable
    • 2d: Experience - Meaningful
    • 2e: Experience - Motivational
    • 2f: Experience - Accessible Learning
    • 2g: Memory
    • 2h: Recognition
    • 2i: Conclusions


  • Level 3: Introduction to the Visual Brain

    • 3a: Introduction
    • 3b: Visual Accuity
    • 3c: Colour
    • 3d: Visual Fields
    • 3e: Movement
    • 3f: 3rd Dimension
    • 3g: Visual Attention
    • 3h: Reflex Vision
    • 3i: Visual Recognition
    • 3j: Visual Pathways
    • 3k: Frontal Visual Attention
    • 3l: Conclusions






  • Level 8: CVIs Ventral

    • 8a: CVI and Recognition Introduction
    • 8b: Impaired Facial Recognition
    • 8c: Impaired Recognition of Facial Expressions
    • 8d: Impaired Route Recognition


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Cerebral Visual Impairment collage