Exploring TVIs Experiences with PreK-5th Grade Pre-Braille/Braille Readers Development of Graphic Literacy Skills

We still want TSVIs! Study Extended till June 1!


Share Your Experiences Through an Online Survey

What is the Purpose of the Study?

We are conducting a survey to learn about how teachers of students with  visual impairments (TSVIs) support their Pre-K to 5th grade students who are  braille readers in developing graphics literacy skills.

Who is Conducting the Study?  
Dr. Tina Herzberg at the University of South Carolina Upstate and Dr. L.  Penny Rosenblum at Vision for Independence, LLC  

Who Can Participate in the Study?
TSVIs who meet the following criteria are invited to participate in the  accessible, online survey.
• Working as a TSVI in the United States or its territories
• Employed as a TSVI for a minimum of 3 years
• Worked with a minimum of one braille reader in PreK-5th grade during  the 2019-2020, 2020-2021, and/or 2021-2022 school year

How Do TSVIs Participate in the Study? Click on the survey link to enter the survey. After completing the consent form answer the questions.

When Does the Study Close?
The study closes June 1, 2022

How Will Study Data be Used?
Data will be used to inform the field about the graphics literacy needs of  students in PreK-5th grade who are braille readers. We anticipate using the  data in a grant application we will submit to obtain funding to develop curricula  TSVIs can use in supporting their students’ graphics literacy skills  development.  

Who Do I Contact for More Information?
Dr. Tina Herzberg, herzberg@uscupstate.edu, (864)-503-5572

Event Date: 
Mar 24, 2022 to Jun 01, 2022