Paths to Literacy Has a New Manager!

Saying Goodbye and Introducing…

Charlotte Cushman has been the Paths to Literacy manager and co-creator since its inception in 2010 when her team, from Perkins School for the Blind and Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, had a strong desire to provide a web-based approach to gathering and distributing valuable information to our vision community. It is a place for people to share ideas and new information by advocating best practice for literacy skills, materials, and strategies for the visually impaired.

Since that time, Charlotte has been the person behind the website and when thinking how to honor all her work, I searched her name in the Paths to Literacy website. Looking at her body of work, 1023 articles popped up where she was the author. That does not include all her managerial duties that are not limited to: editing, updating, posting, and researching. It is an overwhelming body of work that has helped countless, not only here in the United States, but across the world. It seems too simple to say “job well done” or “thank you” for her tireless efforts. 

We all wish her the very best in the next chapter of her life as she retires and invite others to leave a comment for Charlotte as we send her off with well wishes. 

My name is Lisha Yochimowitz (people call me Lisha Yoch, pronounced Leesha Yok) and I will be taking on the role of content manager for our Paths to Literacy website. I have been a teacher of the visually impaired for over 25 years and have worked as an itinerant and classroom teacher.  I currently work in the Philadelphia area specializing in CVI, a brain-based visual impairment. I also have a background in web-based content for our vision community as a co-creator of and am excited to start this new role. I welcome all ideas and suggestions. I hope to make all those who have made Paths to Literacy such a successful platform proud as we head into the new year.  Feel free to contact me.

Charlotte and Lisha