Paths to Literacy has Articles in Spanish and French

Did you know that Paths to Literacy has articles in Spanish and French? We are lucky enough to have professionals in our community that are bi-lingual and can provide some of our articles in other languages as we try to meet the needs of our viewers with as many adaptations as possible.

Articles in both Spanish and English can help families access information in their native language.

Are you bilingual and a professional in the vision field? We would love to have your ideas and lessons in other languages! 


Here are a few examples of Spanish articles:

El Libro del Baño de José

In the early stages of literacy, real objects can be attached to each page, so that the child can explore each item and interact with it. In the book shown in this video, for example, there is a light switch that turns a real light on and off. Attaching real objects to pages can help to make the connection from an actual experience to beginning literacy. See the original article in English: Joseph's Bath Book: An Object Book for Early Literacy

Young child exploring a toothbrush


Te Cuento un Cuento: Early Literacy Ideas from Argentina

Marcela Viviana Toscano, an early intervention specialist from the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, created a PowerPoint presentation about an early literacy project for families. The presentation includes information about the importance of early literacy and ideas for incorporating it into daily routines. Activities include early communication, making choices, and providing support and a workshop for families. The presentation, which is in both English and Spanish, highlights some important points to remember in early literacy.

Mother exploring a book with her infant child

Ballyland Mágico: Spanish Version of App

The Spanish version of the popular Ballyland Magic Plus app is available. Created by Phia Damsma, this app is designed for children who are blind or have low vision to learn and practice a number of touch gestures for VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader.  

The app supports students who are blind or have low vision to build fundamental (assistive) technology skills and other capabilities that are part of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC).

App icon is a beachball with a smiling face with a magic wand and top hat



Abracadabraille is a French website devoted to braille literacy and the education of children with visual impairments. It launched using translations of more than 150 articles orginally created from Paths to Literacy. Abracadabraille's hope is to create a similar type of website for teachers and families in French-speaking countries. The site was created by Marc Angelier, who has been a TVI for 20 years, and Marie Oddoux, who is an OT and Low Vision specialist. They invite members of the community to share articles in French.

Site dédié à la déficience visuelle et à l’enseignement du braille

French Website on Braille Literacy:

Abracada braille logo

If you are are bilingual and would like to submit an article for Paths to Literacy in other languages please contact us at


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