Mother's Day Craft Ideas

With Mother's Day approaching, here are a few fun ideas for students to make that incorporate literacy, creativity, and fine motor skills.

Start with a Card

All moms want a heart felt card at the very least on Mother's Day.  Make sure the cards are high contrast for our students who are visually impaired and incorporate braille for our students who use braille for reading. Textured cards involve a more multisensory approach and a handprint is always a fun idea. Use sand in the paint when making the handprints for extra texture.

hand print



Use Pipe Cleaners to Make Flowers

This fun idea to make for Mom is from the Make and Take website that makes flowers last more than a week and gives students the opportunity to put their own personal touch on in. Directions at website.

Flowers made out of pipe cleaners put in a small flower pot


99 Mother's Day Craft Ideas

The website This Tiny Blue House is filled with fun ideas and has over 99 Mother's Day craft ideas and many are appropriate, or can easily be adapted, for our students with visual impairments.

Title states: Mother's Day Crafts for Kids with serveal ideas including making a Hershey bar a super mom, hand print flowers, textured craft flowers, and a fold out heart with a craft flower inside

Make a Potted Plant and Decorate the Container

Plants can last a long time and are easy to put in a container as a gift.  The container can be decorated not only with paint but textured items too.  My students made me one that has lasted years and they used their fingerprints to make butterflies and ladybugs on it.

plant on window that has a container docorated by children with finger prints as bugs and butterflies

Make a Personalized Book or Adapt A Book

Books personalized with pictures, poems, even a coupon for a loving act like doing a chore, can also be a great Mother's Day gift.  You can also braille a published book with clear braille lables to promote braille literacy.

Here is a link with 27 Mother's Day books available in print.


Mother's Day Craft Ideas title iwth a picture of a plant with a decorated container with fingerprints used to make bugs and butterflies