A Braille Letter Song by Queensland Department of Education

These 26 Braille letter songs include the braille dot numbers and alphabetic word sign contractions for each letter of the English alphabet. Dot numbers are linked to consistent musical pitches to ensure that each song has a unique melody and to assist with the memorization of each letter’s braille formation.

Christine Casey and Steve Sparrow's voices can be heard. Steve, Christine, and Rikki Chaplin also played the instruments.

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This is a silly, fun way for students to learn the braille dots of the alphabet and their contractions. When using music for learning, we often reuse melodies that sound the same, however with this, each is different and memorable.

Students can practice on their own by just listening. Teachers can use each song when introducing a new letter or contraction to that letter. Either way, it provides a great little song for each.

Listen to all the songs for each letter here